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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Key to Loosing Weight, Controlling Diabetes & Increasing Energy Throughout Your Day!

Did you know the very thing that helps you to loose weight and maintain your ideal weight is the very same thing that can help you control or prevent diabetes as well as increase your levels of energy throughout the day, especially through your 2pm crash? What do all of these things have in common? Blood Sugar! Your blood sugar levels are what control how much weight is stored on your body or instead burned as fuel, it also is a key component in the diabetes cycle as well as our overall energy levels. All of these areas are controlled by your blood sugar levels.

If you seem to gain weight without even trying or struggle to keep your weight at your ideal the first area you need to understand is regulating your blood sugar levels. Your blood sugar levels are what tell your body to either store weight as excess fat or to burn as fuel. If you want to loose weight engaging in practices that tell your body to burn food as fuel instead of storing as weight is vital! Any diabetic knows the importance of controlling and monitoring their blood sugar levels and can tell you just how awful they begin to feel when blood sugar levels crash. This is the very culprit behind your mid-day crash and inconsistent or low energy levels throughout the day. Simply by knowing how to control and maintain your blood sugar levels you will begin to see weight drop, stay easily at your perfectly balanced weight, begin reversing, healing and preventing diabetes and take charge over your energy levels throughout the day.

Today I will discuss the number 1 key for maintaining good blood sugar levels which is your first step in loosing or maintaining your perfect weight, reversing and preventing diabetes and increasing your energy levels throughout the day. 

Eat in Sync with Your Natural Digestive Rhythms

Your body has its own digestive rhythms. When you eat along with those natural rhythms food is burned as fuel, less is stored as weight, your body gets all the nutrients it needs from your foods, their is less toxic byproducts produced so you are less toxic and your energy levels stay consistent and high throughout the day simply because your blood sugar levels stay consistent. Yes it is as simple as that!

When you eat out of sync with your digestive rhythms; by eating at the wrong times, eating the wrong types of foods or not eating when you should, your digestion becomes compromised and decreases in overall effectiveness. The consequences are weight gain, sluggishness, mid-day crashes, higher levels of internal toxicity which comes with a whole host of health problems, and you set the stage for the cycle of diabetes to take hold, especially as you age.

So how do you eat in sync with your natural digestive rhythms? Simply follow this daily outline


Your natural digestive rhythms will prompt you to eat about 1-2 hours after rising. This allows your body to wake up naturally and gives you time to stoke your digestive fire. During this 1-2 hours of waking it is encouraged that your drink fresh organic lemon water, to help your body flush toxins from the day before and cleans your digestive system.

Your morning meal should be as fresh as possible, with little to no animal products (nothing to heavy or filled with bad fats), lots of healthy fats and clean proteins and higher in natural sugars, so more fruit included in this meal. Fruit is not a demon that will make you gain weight or become diabetic. In fact you NEED the nutrients found in fruits to be your most healthy and in the morning is the best time as the natural fruit sugars ignite your nervous system and brain and this strategy helps you to think more clearly and have better mental energy. Include healthy fats like flax, hemp or chia seeds and their oils. A great morning meal is a nutrient dense smoothies filled with LOTS of ingredients to keep you satisfied. Add nut butters, seeds and seed oils, fresh fruits and veggies with lots of variety. This will help to fill you up and start your day on the right foot, energizing your body and keeping your blood sugar levels where they should be.

Mid Morning

If you find you get hungry during this time drink a fresh glass of veggie, juice, a couple of pieces of fresh fruit along with raw nuts and seeds (this will balance the sugars in the fruits), or some fresh organic nut butter and fruit or veggie sticks. A great stand by is fresh sliced apples dipped in almond butter along with a glass of fresh veggie juice.

Lunch Time

If you work a typical schedule then lunch should be your biggest meal of the day and should be smack dab in the middle of your day. Again this meal should be filled with lots of fresh foods and lots of variety. Your digestive rhythms will make you the most hungry at lunch because it is when you expending the most physical and mental energy, so you need lots of healthy fuel! You want to include lots of variety of ingredients in your lunch so you get a good mix of all the nutrients you need including healthy fats.

A good lunchtime recipe is a hardy salad. Start with a bed of fresh greens and then include as many fresh ingredients as you can including quinoa, lentils or beans, fresh raw nuts and seeds, lots of veggies and even a couple fruits. If you are a meat eater a lean piece of fish would go well, choose wild caught cold water fish like salmon or halibut. Keep the fish serving size low while keeping the fresh veggie base high. Use a healthy fat for your dressing base such as flax, or avocado oil. A few twists of sea salt and black pepper will increase your mineral and nutrient intake. Pepper helps you absorb more nutrients.

Mid Afternoon

If you know you usually crash around 2 or 3pm, instead of reaching for caffeine have a fresh veggie juice prepared. This is a great time to have a few fresh veggie sticks and homemade organic hummus, or fresh veggies with raw nuts and seeds. Listen to your body though, and only eat snacks if you are feeling hungry.


Next to breakfast, dinner is the one meal most people get wrong. Eating way too heavy of a meal this time of day, eating too many animal products and also eating too late in the evening. By dinner time your digestive rhythms are starting to decrease. You don't need as many nutrients this time of day because you do not need as much energy. You want to ensure you eat last about 2-3 hours before you go to sleep. This allows enough time for your body to digest the food and shut down digestion for the night. If you eat too late at night, digestion is not able to complete, more toxic byproducts are created and undigested food can feed the cycle of not only diabetes but allergies. You want to ensure you have digested completely before going to bed. Doing this will also ensure your blood sugar levels stay even throughout the night, and excess weight is not stored. Another problem can be not eating at all, or waiting too long between lunch and dinner. By doing this your blood sugar levels start to fall and your body thinks it may be starving. more weight is stored and metabolism is thrown off for the night and into the next morning. Dinner should be lighter then lunch, satisfying and again not too heavy in animal products or unhealthy fats. Eat things that will keep your digestive system clean and moving well so during sleep your body can renew and regenerate. Waking up sluggish is a good sign that your eating times or what you ate for dinner was not good for your body.

By getting in sync with your digestive rhythms you create more energy for yourself, set the stage for good long term health and wellbeing, reduce the number of health problems, keep blood sugar levels even so begin to loose and have the ability to easily maintain your perfect weight and increase your overall vitality.

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