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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

3 Ways to Reduce Inflammation Naturally

For many years we knew inflammation was a response that happened when we got injured or hurt an area of our body. We saw it as heat, pain and swelling. If you are an athlete or physically active inflammation may be something that is all too common for you. In these instances inflammation is a needed response that flushes the area of toxins, brings nutrients and white blood cells in to heal and restore the area. However, as health sciences have continued to move forward we are discovering that inflammation, if chronic, is at the root of most all chronic health conditions including Alzheimers, diabetes, cancer and many others. Stress, lack of exercise, genetic predisposition, exposure to toxins and your dietary choices can all contribute to chronic inflammation. 

Whether you are looking to reduce or eliminate inflammation due to an injury or are more concerned with long term prevention of chronic health conditions here are 3 ways you can naturally reduce inflammation within your body...

1. Diet

Your diet may play the biggest role in the reduction and reversal of inflammation. One of the biggest changes to the modern Western diet that has caused a marked increase in chronic inflammation is the increase of "bad" fats and a decrease of "good" fats. This imbalance in fat intake causes internal chronic inflammation. 

Increase your intake of "good" fats through increasing the amount of fresh, organic plants based foods in your diet. Good fats are found in plant based foods and the best sources are chia, flax and hemp seeds and oils, avocados, raw nuts and seeds like pumpkin and sunflower and organic extra virgin olive oil. At the same time you want to eliminate your intake of processed, heated and damaged fats like those found in packed, processed and fast foods. Simply eliminate these types of foods all together. Also if you choose to eat meat or animal products you want to ensure you are eating the free range, grass fed, organic versions. These types of animal products have a  higher "good" fat percentage and lower "bad" fat percentage, while factory farmed animals who eat unnatural diets have a very high "Bad" fat percentage and contribute directly to chronic inflammation. 

2. Decrease Stress

Stress in all forms, physical, emotional, spiritual, all takes a physical toll on your body and health. We cannot avoid stress in our modern way of living so instead we must learn and then use healthy stress management practices. In the 30-day Raw Vitality program we teach the use of meditation, deep breathing, exercise and yoga as healthy stress management tools that can be used consistently in life to reduce the stress ion your mind, mind and health. 

A new study has shown that meditation can suppress genes that cause inflammation. In the study, to be published in the February edition of the journal "Psychoneuroendocrinology," subjects showed reduced levels of pro-inflammatory genes after eight hours of meditating, among other alterations in gene-regulating machinery. This correlated with faster physical recovery from stressful situations.

If you are new to meditation but would like to learn how to use it in every day life sign up for one of our upcoming 30-day programs and receive our 30-day meditation program. 

3. Get Active

Studies have continued to show that exercise is a good way to reverse or reduce inflammation. One recent study showed participants who completed 2.5 hours of moderate exercise each week—about 20 minutes a day—lowered their markers of inflammation by at least 12%. Furthermore, those who began exercising midway through the study also significantly lowered their levels of inflammation, meaning it’s never too late to benefit from exercise. 

So how does exercise cut inflammation? Your blood contains a type of protein molecule called “cytokine.” When you exercise, your adipose and muscle tissue release big bursts of cytokines into your blood stream, which Hamer says is likely the cause of the inflammation drop.  

The key to using exercise to reduce inflammation is for it is be balanced and consistent. Over exercising has been shown to actually increase inflammation and other internal injury. Find something you love to do and do it often, 3-5 times a week. Get up from your desk and take a few short walking breaks each day and make sure to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine which helps to alleviate stress and further reduce inflammation. 

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