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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Balanced Exercise is MORE Beneficial than Vigorous Exercise

While consistent exercise is one of the keys to long term health and wellbeing, and fundamental principals taught in Raw Vitality, recent studies have shown that conventional cardio, especially endurance exercises such as marathon running, can pose significant risks to your health. It can result in acute volume overload of the heart, inflammation, thickening and stiffening of the heart muscle and arteries, arterial calcification, arrhythmias, and potentially sudden cardiac arrest, stroke (Dr. Mercola) and increased oxidative stress which has been found to be at the root of most all health conditions. Conventional exercise follows the same mantra as conventional living, fast and hard is always best. But studies prove fast and hard is not always best for your health and this is because always being in fast and hard mode throws your body totally out of balance. Ideally, to get the most benefits from exercise, you want to push your body hard enough for a challenge while allowing adequate time for recovery and repair to take place. This coincides with the natural rhythms of life and balanced living, activity and rest. Studies have consistently shown that walking, especially walking outdoors gives one of the best overall benefits to health, not only physical but mental and emotional health as well. Combing balanced exercise, like walking, with fresh air and sunshine is the perfect combination for increasing your vitality, wellbeing and longevity naturally. Walking can also become a family activity done together to release stress, bond and increase physical activity. Walks right after dinner help children digest well and get their body ready to relax fully for sleep. Whatever exercise you choose, be conscious of ensuring it is balanced, something you truly enjoy and that you get an “all over”, body, mind and spirit, work out from!

Raw Vitality Total Health Transformation is a 30 day holistic health program that helps you to heal and become your healthiest in a natural, balanced and sustainable way. Raw Vitality provides you with the tools, education, support & motivation you need to get and stay healthy naturally! You will learn natural and sustainable ways of eating including daily juicing for preventative health with lots of fun, and delicious recipes; consistent movement and exercise; healthy stress management practices to reduce the stress impact on your life and health; holistic living strategies to create greater balance in your life and reduce your exposure to harmful toxins and ways of living; and ongoing wellness coaching to support and encourage you in your journey to a more healthy you!

The 30-day Total Health Transformation Program helps you to successfully reach your health goals and intentions, reverse chronic health conditions, find your naturally balanced weight, create more energy and radiant natural beauty while bringing your total being - body, mind and spirit - into perfect balance.

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