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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Daily Juicing for Preventative Health

Chronic degenerative sickness and disease in our society has far superseded an epidemic. Today, you have about a 75% chance of getting and dying from a chronic degenerative disease but only about a 25% chance of living healthy and dying from old age and natural causes. According to former U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop, of the 2.4 million deaths that happen each year, 75% are the result of avoidable nutritional factor diseases, or diseases caused by nutritional problems. The good news is than that you have almost 100% control over your health by taking the right nutritional approaches. Your body needs lots of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients like antioxidants and enzymes to be healthy and vibrant and most especially to prevent sickness and disease. If you are living on a mostly Westernized diet chances are you are not getting the nutrients you need and you are also getting a lot of things your body doesn’t need, like a whole lot of toxins! This is a recipe for a health disaster especially as you age. Chronic degenerative type sicknesses and diseases begin very early in life. We begin being exposed to toxins at a very early age and we don’t always get the best nutrition as we grow. Kids are notorious gluttons for junk and sugary foods. Parents get busy and often aren’t able to make nutritious home-made meals each day. As we move into our teenage years, our nutrition usually continues to get worse. Pizza, tacos, hamburgers, soda pop and candy are the main stay in most teenagers’ diets. This sets the stage for the slow deterioration of our bodies and health. One solution to this problem has been to use multi-vitamins, to “fill in the gap.” But as we continue to learn, we understand vitamins are not necessarily the best approach. They are difficult for many people to digest, they don’t assimilate well and overall they are just not the way the body was designed to get nutrients. Multi-vitamins also do not solve the problem of an overload of toxins. Fresh living juices each and every day help to solve both the problems of toxicity and deficiency. Fresh juices are filled with lots of fresh and living nutrients including vitamins, minerals and enzymes. They also help to hydrate and alkalize your body while flushing or continuously cleansings your cells of toxins. Fresh daily juicing is one of the best forms of natural preventative medicine.


If most of the foods you eat are already prepared or are coming out of a package, can or box, you are eating a diet that is highly dehydrating, very acidic and very low in nutrients. Every step in the processing process, from a fresh whole food to a boxed or canned food, removes valuable nutrients, like vitamins and water, and adds many anti-nutrients, like salt and preservatives. Fresh foods are filled with lots of clean pure water which will hydrate your body and are also very alkalizing so help to bring your body back into balance.


The pH balance of the body is so important to preventative health. Sickness and disease cannot live in an alkaline environment, but thrives in an acidic environment. Acidity causes cellular and even DNA damage which in turns starts the process of disease. Most people are far too acidic, which mostly comes from the foods you are eating but can also come from stress and too many toxins from water, air and products. Juicing helps to restore your pH balance. Natural and organic produce is highly alkalizing. Alkalizing your body is one of the best ways to prevent disease and juicing is one of the best ways to alkalize!

Nutrient Dense & Easily Assimilated

Daily juicing allows you to take in a large amount of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients like antioxidants and enzymes, an amount you could never get by just eating alone. While it is important to be eating a diet made up lots of fresh organic foods, juicing allows you to take in a much larger amount of nutrients than just eating alone. This allows you to restore any deficiencies you may have that can lead to health problems in the future.

One of the greatest benefits of fresh daily juicing is that it requires little digestive energy on the part of your body so all of these nutrients are immediately available for your body to put to good use! This is a much better approach then taking a muti-vitamin that is hard to digest and not well assimilated. Juicing removes the fiber from the plant. While fiber is important and necessary for strong digestive health and cleansing it also inhibits your body from absorbing all of the nutrients found in fresh foods. Juicing removes the fiber from the plant and the body is then able to easily absorb all the nutrients immediately without any digestive energy spent or loss of any nutrients. Mixing up your juicing ingredients periodically so you are taking in a wide variety of nutrients is the key to keeping your health and vitality at its highest levels and preventing. Changing up your juicing ingredients with the seasons is so very important! Your body is in tune with the environment around it and in-seasons foods not only have the highest nutrient content but help to keep the body balanced and most healthy. 

Daily Cleansing

Fresh juicing each and every day also helps to cleanse your body of toxins daily. Your liver has hundreds of functions but most notably it functions to clean your blood of toxins and wastes. All of the toxins you are exposed to throughout your life are filtered through your liver. Over time this can cause your liver to become overrun and its ability to rid your body of toxins is greatly reduced. When this happens, toxins remain in your body which then re-enter your blood stream and eventually end up in other vital organs and deep within your body’s tissues. This  also means your body is unable to keep you properly detoxified which leads to the process of sickness and disease. Antioxidants found in fresh juices including beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, and N-acetyl cysteine are potent liver cleansers. Other vitamins found in juices like B-vitamins riboflavin and niacin also help to keep your liver cleansed. Juicing helps to flush all of your cells, not just your liver cells and restore the all important sodium-potassium balance at the cellular level. Daily juicing is a great way to cleanse your body each day and help prevent sickness and disease from developing as you age.

Juicing is a powerful and effective way of restoring balance within the body and correcting the problems of deficiency and toxicity both of which are the main causes of disease and sickness. Fresh juicing gives the body the abundance of nutrients it needs to stay balanced and continually repair and heal. Unlike multi-vitamin fresh juices provide a wide array of nutrients including pure water and living enzymes while being much more easily digested and bio-available. Raw Vitality Total Health Transformation includes lots of new and exciting juicing recipes to make daily juicing fun and most healthy!

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