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Monday, April 27, 2015

Naturally Healthy Vibrant Skin

Our skin is at the forefront of how we present ourselves to the world. Radiant, glowing, vibrant skin is what we all hope for and want to have. But as time marches on it seems to march right across our face. When we are working toward healing internal health conditions and diseases and preventing life long health problems through healthy eating and living practices, often our skin is our biggest indicator and self diagnostic tool as to how healthy, or unhealthy, we are on the inside. Our skin is the major detoxification organ for our entire body and as our body begins to release and expel toxins our skin can show signs of just what is going on internally. Polluted air and water, exposure to toxic byproducts of the modern ways of living all also begin to take their toll on our skin. Spots, discolorations, lines, wrinkles, deep creases, dryness, acne, breakouts, all of these are external signs of internal imbalance and toxicity. In fact, deep creases in the skin on the face are signs of internal toxicity. As we begin to heal internally, and detoxify, externally our skin begins to heal and deep creases, discolorations and other skin problems begin to clear up. In fact, it is entirely possible to have better and better looking skin as we age, become more health conscious and naturally healthy.

Here are some natural tips to help heal and rejuvenate the skin while increasing vitality and vibrancy of your skin....

Balance Hormones

Whether you are male or female chances are you are dealing with some sort of hormone imbalance internally. This is because so many of the toxic chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis mimic hormones creating and internal imbalance. In addition many of the foods we eat and ways in which we live contribute to an ever tipping scale toward hormone imbalance The skin is one of the first to show signs of hormone imbalance. Breakouts, acne and too much oil can all be signs of internal imbalance. No matter what lotion or potion you put on the outside, if you do not address the underlying root of hormone imbalance your skin can never be its best. Eating a diet rich in organic plant based foods, with lots of healthy fats, raw nuts and seeds, coconut and avocado oils, fresh vegetable juices and reducing exposure to health harming toxins can all help to make the skin glow while helping to address the underlying issue of hormone imbalance. Raw Vitality Foundations for Healthy Living program take these principals and teaches them in-depth to you over a 30-day period of time.

Food Allergies

Underlying, unrecognized food allergies and sensitives are often at the root of skin problems. We see so many food allergies and sensitivities these days because of food supply. Most foods are no longer real foods but fake, man made processed foods filled with harmful toxins and deficient in vital vitamins and minerals. Foods are often no longer grown traditional, natural ways but are genetically modified, grown in mineral depleted toxic chemical soaked soils or created entirely in a laboratory. Our bodies react poorly to these types of foods and some more aggressively then others. Corn, soy, wheat and dairy are some of the biggest offenders. Cutting these foods out or reducing their consumption and moving to only organic versions is one way to address this problem and discover if food allergies are at the root of your skin problems.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Studies show that even those that feel they eat and live the most healthy are suffering from undiagnosed nutritional deficiencies. Again this is due to our food supply. the majority of the Western diet is nutritionally depleted. Over time deficiencies develop in the body and the skin is one of the first to show its signs. Zinc, Antioxidants including Vitamin A, E and C, essential fatty acids are all stripped from the typical Western diet and are needed to maintain healthy, vibrant skin. Supplementation through processed, laboratory made supplements is not the answer. Moving to a whole, organic fresh diet corrects this problem. Incorporating fresh fruit and vegetable juices daily can also help restore nutritional deficiencies, detox the skin and create healthy skin from the inside out. The 30-day Recipe book included in the Raw Vitality Spring Cleanse and Foundations for Healthy Living program give you full recipes and meal ideas that are based solely around these principals including fresh daily juicing recipes.


 Stress is the underlying driving force behind many of our health problems. Stress plays a major role in the condition and look of your skin. It is estimated that during stressful times the inside of your body is actually 30+ years older then your calendar age, and your skin will be the first to show it. Stress is a given part of our daily life, not something we can get away from, so the key is not to eliminate stress but learn how to manage it in a healthy way, reducing its impact on our internal health and wellbeing. Healthy stress management practices offer a natural alternative and cure for the stressful Western lifestyle. Incorporating yoga, daily meditation and deep breathing exercises are some ways to reduce your internal stress and increase the beauty of your skin. If you do not have experience with deep breathing exercises or meditation Raw Vitality offers both in their Spring Cleanse and Foundations for Healthy Living programs.

Through practicing the 4 Key Area of Health, Vitality and Longevity, taught throughout all the Raw Vitality programs, you can create the naturally vibrant skin you have always desired. 

Every year Raw Vitality hosts a 30-day Spring Cleanse. This year our cleanse will begin on May 2nd, 201.

In the 30-day Raw Vitality Spring Cleanse & Rejuventation we will practice:

1. Whole, Organic Eating Practices including Fresh Daily Juicing

2. Balanced, Consistent Exercise

3. Healthy Stress Management Practices including yoga, meditation & deep breathing exercises

4. Green Living Practices to reduce your exposure to health harming toxins

Reserve your spot and sign up for our Spring Cleanse today: or check out one of the other Raw Vitality programs 

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

5 Easy Ways to Cleanse Every Day

It is Spring! A time of renewal and new beginnings. The time of year when nature begins to cleanse which makes it the perfect time for you to look at cleansing. Cleansing is a popular term that unfortunately has little to no meaning these days because of how over used it is, but in it's truest sense cleansing is natural and important process your body goes through on a daily basis to rid itself of everything it no longer needs, everything that isn't supporting health and healing. Engaging in a yearly or seasonal cleanse is a great way to heal, rejuvenate and get your eating and lifestyle practices on track but daily cleansing is so much more important.

Learning simple practices you can use each day to help you naturally cleanse, can increase your energy and vitality while helping you to heal and prevent long term health problems.

Here are 5 easy practices you can put into place to Cleanse Every Day...

1. Drink Lots of Water Especially in the Morning

You may have heard this one many time before but that is because it is one of the best and easiest ways to stay your most healthy! Even if you feel like you are drinking enough water every day, chances are you aren't getting enough. Your body uses water to cleanse and flush toxins so when you aren't getting enough water, daily cleansing slows and toxins begin to build up in your tissues. To help your body to naturally cleanse drink lots of water every day and especially when you first wake up in the morning. Drinking water for the first hour after getting up in the morning helps your body flush toxins from the day before and will help to increase your energy levels throughout the day. 

2. Take Time to Breathe Deeply

We release 80% of our toxins through our breath. Problem is most of us don't breathe deeply enough. Especially during stressful or busy times during the day your breathing becomes more shallow and many times you may be forgetting to breathe or holding your breath. This keeps toxins from being released and keeps them trapped inside your body. Taking 5 minutes each day to do some deep breathing is a great way to help naturally cleanse but also helps to release stress and center and calm you. 

3. When you Eat is just as Important as What you Eat

Your body has a natural digestive rhythm that makes you a little hungry 1-2 hours after getting up, really hungry in the middle of your day when you are expending the most energy and moderately hungry a couple hours before you go to bed. When you follow this natural digestive cycle digestion begins to work optimally which means food is better digested and nutrients assimilated and toxins are naturally expelled. When you start eating out of whack with these natural digestive rhythms digestion begins to overlap causing digestion not to function as well, you begin to get less nutrients and more toxins stay in your body. By following your natural digestive rhythms digestion you will assist your body in naturally cleansing each day. 

4. Clean Up Your Products

One of the biggest sources of health harming toxins that we bring into our body is through our personal care products and the products we use to clean in and around our home. Have you ever taken a look at the ingredients list in any one of the products you use on your body each day? You might be astonished to find a lengthy list of chemicals, many of which have been found to be harming to your health. Think of just how many products you use each and every day and how many chemicals that means are getting into your body. Making a switch to cleaner, greener and organic products is one of the best ways to help your body naturally cleanse. By limiting the number of chemicals you are bringing into your body you are helping to keep your body clean and naturally cleansed. 

5. DeStress

Stress has an enormous impact on your health. On the inside of your body stress turns toxic. We live in a stressful world and living without stress is not possible, what is possible however is reducing the internal impact stress has on your body and health by using daily healthy stress management practices. Healthy stress management practices like yoga and meditation help to change the way stress is experienced inside your body decreasing its harmful toxic effects, Yoga and meditation can help detoxify your body and help to naturally cleanse your body each day. Raw Vitality offers a 30-day meditation program that comes along with both the 7 and 30-day Raw Vitality programs. If you are new to meditation or want to explore how meditation can help you to reduce stress and help naturally cleanse this is a great meditation program to explore. 

These daily practices are great ways to keep your health at its very best throughout the year. Yearly and seasonal cleansing are great ways to go more in-depth, to get your eating and lifestyle practices back on track, to cleanse, revitalize and to heal if health problems are present. 

Every year Raw Vitality hosts a 30-day Spring Cleanse. This year we will be holding a 3-hour cleansing workshop at Mind Body Energy Center on May 2nd, 2015 and will then begin our 30-day online Spring Cleanse. If you live out of state or can't attend the workshop, you can still join us online!

In the 30-day Raw Vitality Spring Cleanse we will practice:

1. Whole, Organic Eating Practices including Fresh Daily Juicing

2. Balanced, Consistent Exercise

3. Healthy Stress Management Practices including yoga, meditation & deep breathing exercises

4. Green Living Practices to reduce your exposure to health harming toxins

We will meet for a 3-hour workshop on May 2nd to learn all the natural healing practices and overview of the Spring Cleanse & Rejuvenation taught in the Raw Vitality program.

Reserve your spot and sign up for our Spring Cleanse today:

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