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Monday, December 15, 2014

The 4 Keys to Total Health

How tired are we of hearing people talk about wanting to loose weight, exercise more, or eat better in the New Year?! We hear people talking about making drastic changes, are excited with them when they begin and let down every time they go back to their old habits. We ourselves are sick of making promises, over committing and under delivering. But the fault is not really ours or theirs, the fault is our approach. It is unnatural to make drastic changes in one area of your life or health. We go in gung ho thinking we are making great changes but going so far over board in one direction we have no choice but to swing back to balance at some point. No carbs, intense work outs every single day, deprivation, starvation, counting calories, none of these work! We know want to be healthier, we want to eat healthier, live healthier and feel healthier for longer!

The answer is to take a holistic or complete approach. When we take a balanced complete approach we are more able to make changes that we are able to continue for long periods of time  Instead of focusing on just one area it is a more balanced therefore more sustainable approach to focus on it all, or the bog picture. Better health means not only eating better, but exercising more consistently, managing stress in a more healthy way and living in a balanced way, it's only when all of these things are in balance that you are able to be in balance and become your most healthy.

Whether you are tired of living with a health problem, or one health problem after another, want to experience more energy more consistently, want to find and be able to maintain your perfectly balanced weight naturally, or want to live and eat in a way that supports healthy longevity and long term health, taking a holistic approach to bring everything into balance is the most effective and sustainable approach.

The 4 Keys to Total Health. 

1. You are What You Eat

This old saying is exactly right. If you want to experience naturally high energy levels and vitality eating foods that are the same will get you to the health you want. Foods that are alive, filled with nutrients, bright colors, absent of all man made chemicals are the foods that will not only help you to experience great levels of energy and health it is also what will help to get rid of health problems and prevent them long term. Living foods are also high in antioxidants and healthy fats, all the raw beauty materials you need to stay naturally beautiful and youthful.

2. Exercise is One of your Greatest Tools

If you have pesky health symptoms, feel like you are dragging or want to prevent health problems, consistent balanced exercise is one of your greatest tools. Over exercising or over stressing your body will not work well, but if you can find exercise and movement that you love, do it in balance and consistently you will not only increase your immunity you will greatly increase your overall energy, stamina and clarity. Exercise has been shown to be a good tool to help prevent and reverse health problems like depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive problems, heart health problems, cancer and diabetes. Even walking outside 20 minutes a day can do wonders. 

3. Stress is Your Nemesis

Nothing can wreck your health and energy like stress. Stress has been shown to age you internally 32 years beyond your calendar age. Stress plays a major role in weight gain, mental health problems, heart problems, diabetes, cancer, digestive health problems, the list goes on and on. If you are trying to get healthier and aren't addressing your stress you will never be able to fully reach your goal. Learning how t  implement healthy stress management practices like mediation, yoga and exercise will increase your healing results and create better long term health. 

4. Are You Creating a Toxic Dump?

What types of products are you using on your body, your hair, in and around your home? Are you using chemicals that have been shown to reduce energy and vitality and create long term health problems? If you are working on cleaning up your personal health looking at your living and buying practices is an extremely important step otherwise you may be working hard to clean up your body just to be creating a toxic dump all over again. Taking the time to look at ingredients, find brands that are committed to purity and sustainability is something that can be sustainable if you learn how to live and buy in a more healthy way and will create higher levels of health and vitality for you and your family. 

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