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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

4 Steps to Reversing A Root Cause of Health Problems

In natural medicine we look for the root cause of health problems. Addressing the root cause helps us to reverse and prevent health conditions naturally.  All health problems are rooted in toxicity, deficiency and oxidative stress. We address all these root causes of health problems in the Raw Vitality holistic health system and cleanse. Deficiency of key nutrients is one of the most common causes of health problems. 

While we have grown accustomed to judging what we eat by the number of calories we intake, that view causes us to overlook one of the biggest contributors to health problems in our country, deficiency. Here is the U.S we are deficient in key and essential nutrients our body needs in order to ward of sickness and disease, to remain balanced, to have high energy levels and attain and maintain superior health. The body's health is only able to maintain health when there are sufficient quantities and quality of all the nutrients it needs to rebuild itself and continue to be healthy.  If any one of these nutrients is not supplied sufficiently, there is an immediate slowdown in physical function. When deficiencies continue for an extended period of time, it creates substantial negative consequences in the body and causes a gradual weakening of the body's resistance and overall health. A lowered overall resistance in our body also makes us highly susceptible to sickness and disease. When you body is suffering from nutrient deficiencies it functions less effectively and eliminates wastes and toxins more poorly and contributes to higher levels of toxicity, another common root cause of health problems. Health problems of all kinds come into existence as the body is overloaded with wastes and toxins and is suffering from deficiencies. Did you know a common health problem like depression is often rooted in a deficiency of B vitamins? B vitamins are made within the intestinal tract of the body, which is often impaired by the types of foods we eat and high levels of toxicity. This is one example of a deficiency contributing to a health problem. Almost all Americans, even those that believe themselves to be the most healthy, are suffering from nutritional deficiencies. So what can be done to prevent and reverse this problem? 

Steps to Reversing Deficiency:

1. Eat Organic Foods. Organic foods come from healthier, more nutrient dense soil which in turn yields higher nutrient content plants. Organic foods are also free of additives, colorings, taste enhances and toxic chemicals that interfere with the body's ability to utilize nutrients and increases the amount of toxicity present in the body.

2. Eat Live Foods. Foods that are alive are still in their natural state, having all their nutrients still 100% in tact. Nutrients begin to be degraded when a foods are heated or processed, sometimes multiple times, from their original natural state. Eat foods in their living natural state and deficiency is impossible. A minimum of 50% living foods in your diet, to a most healthy ratio of 80% living foods in your diet will keep you at the highest levels of health.

3. Eat Whole Foods. Once a food has been degraded from its natural state, through processing or refining, its nutrient content has also been degraded and it becomes increasingly possible to become deficient when eating these foods. Keeping foods in their natural state, whole, keeps all of their valuable nutrients in tact.

4. Cleanse. Cleansing the body is a powerful tool in eliminating built up toxins and wastes while restoring deficiencies with a high concentration of nutrients. Cleansing does not mean taking a supplement or pill to "cleanse", a true cleanse is one built on living, raw foods and juices which infuse the body with powerful living nutrients, cleansing out waste and restoring deficiency. When you cleanse the right way you not only restore deficiencies but also cleanse the body of wastes and toxins, addressing both roots of health symptoms.
 Check out the Raw Vitality way of cleansing which addresses all the root causes of health problems through the use of live, nutrient dense foods, healthy stress management practices, consistent exercise, green living princicpals and medicinal herbs. 

When you address deficiency, toxicity and oxidative stress in the body you see health symptoms, you may have even lived with for years, suddenly vanish. You also attain and maintain strong and consistent levels of energy, clarity and health you never knew possible.

Raw Vitality is a holistic health system that provides you with all the tools, education and support you need to prevent and reverse chronic health conditions naturally. Raw Vitality teaches natural eating principals, healthy stress management practices, balanced, consistent, exercise, green living strategies and the use of medicinal herbs.  We teach and offer everything you need to restore and maintain your health in a natural and balanced way through ongoing group cleanses, holistic health workshops, teaching programs for industry professionals, cooking classes, individual cleanses, natural and organic products, education and support to help you heal and reach the highest levels of health and vitality!

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