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Friday, May 2, 2014

Natural Healing of Seasonal Allergies

It's that time of year again! Sneezing, coughing, ichy and watery eyes, problems's allergy season! Over 26 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies! Allergy medications can help to suppress some seasonal allergy symptoms, but at the same time can come with many unwanted side effects including drowsiness and many don't seem to work at all. In fact, at a recent meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Dr. William E. Berger reported that nearly a third of allergy patients think their medications don’t work. That is because allergy medications do nothing to heal the underlying cause of the allergic response in your body, which means long term, allergies can get worse or cause other health problems. To treat allergies naturally the root cause must be addressed and the root cause of seasonal allergies is the budding of Spring plants or pesky pollen. The real cause of allergies lies within an imbalance in your nervous, digestive and immune system. So that is exactly where the focus of treatment should be.

Seasonal allergies are caused by a hypersensitive nervous system, a dysfunctional immune system and a toxic digestive system, most especially the intestines. As the intestines become overwhelmed with toxicity, toxicty from processed foods, gluten, food chemicals and the likes it creates a vicious cycle of hypersensitivity in the nervous system and an erratic immune system. Once this cycle is created, allergies are the symptoms you will experience. The focus in treating and reversing seasonal allergies is to focus on cleansing and balancing the digestive system, strengthening the immune system while at the same time balancing the nervous system. 

Reversing Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Reversing seasonal allergies completely is possible with the guidance and direction of a knowledgeable holistic health practitioner like those found at Raw Vitality, but there are some general steps you can take on your own to begin the process and reduce symptoms. 

1. Cleanse the Digestive System 

It is important to first focus on cleansing out all the unwanted toxins and built up toxicity that has accumulated in the digestive system. Cleanses that include processed powders and skipping meals are not a true cleanse. A holistic cleanse like Raw Vitality implements fresh, organic eating practices, daily juicing, reducing the stress response in the body and consistent exercise. This type of cleansing regime addresses the root causes of allergies and brings the body back into balance and greater levels of health. 

2. Antioxidants 

Antioxidants help to defend against oxidants and oxidative stress which can trigger the allergic response. As research into antioxidants has evolved we learn that it is the body's own antioxidants enzymes that are the most powerful. In fact it has been discovered that our internal antioxidants are 1 MILLION times more powerful then the antioxidants found in supplements or foods. The problem is our bodies have become so overrun with toxicity our antioxidants become depleted, allergies is one end outcome of this antioxidant depletion. The way to fix this is by boosting the production of our internal antioxidants. Raw Vitality offers a herbal blend that has been scientifically proven to increase the body's antioxidant enzymes, by as much as 300% in 30 days as well as reduce the effects of oxidant damage. 

3. Join the Raw Vitality Monthly Holistic Health Call

On the 3rd Thursday of each month, Raw Vitality hosts a 30 minute Live holistic health call on a specific health condition. On Thursday May 15th at 7pm MTN we will be discussing Allergies & Asthma, what causes them, natural ways of reducing and reversing and a live Q&A with holistic health practitioner, holistic nutritionist & master herbalist Candice Marley. 

Register for this and future calls at:

Raw Vitality Monthly Holistic Health Call w/ Live Q&A

Raw Vitality is the source for Holistic Health & Natural Healing. We teach and offer all the tools you need to restore & maintain your health naturally.

Raw Vitality offers several different holistic health programs and cleanses to help you heal and become your healthiest in a natural, balanced and sustainable way. Raw Vitality provides you with the tools, education, support & motivation you need to get and stay healthy naturally! You will learn natural and sustainable ways of eating including daily juicing for preventative health with lots of fun, and delicious recipes; consistent movement and exercise; healthy stress management practices to reduce the stress impact on your life and health; holistic living strategies to create greater balance in your life and reduce your exposure to harmful toxins and ways of living; and ongoing wellness coaching to support and encourage you in your journey to a more healthy you!

Raw Vitality also offers a wide variety of natural health care products, including pharmaceutical grade natural supplements, natural skin care lines, revolutionary medical breakthroughs in natural healing, books, DVD's, ebooks and many more natural healing and holistic health tools, education and support. 

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