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Monday, May 5, 2014

The 12 Most Toxic Offenders in Skin Care Products & A Natural Alternative

One of the principals taught in Raw Vitality for natural preventative health care, increasing health and vitality, is to decrease exposure to harmful toxins and chemicals. We know the inside of our homes is the most toxic place on the planet, and this is because the number of toxic chemicals we bring into our homes through cleaning, lawn and personal care products. Women are especially at risk for high levels of toxicity because of the number of beauty products they use, which unless you are buying organic, are filled with health harming chemicals. One of the very best ways to decrease your exposure to toxins is to swap out your conventional skin care products for natural or toxin free beauty products. The question always is then asked, "But do the natural products work?" Raw Vitality offers a skin care line that is not only free of toxic chemicals, it also is years ahead of other skin care lines because of using one of the hottest new technologies in naturally healing and anti-aging, NRF2, which increases the body's own production of powerful antioxidant enzymes. Antioxidants which reverse damage done to the skin by environmental assaults and toxins.

This photo shows 12 of the most toxic offenders in conventional skin care lines and their health repercussions...

The True Science skin care line, featured by Raw Vitality, includes the enhanced Nrf2 technology, not found in any other skin care line.

Why Nrf2 Technologies?

  • Mitigates visible effects of skin damage caused by oxidative stress.
  • Steps up skin’s own protective barriers.
  • Provides protection against environmental assaults on skin.
  • Counterbalances the visible negative effects of sun related damage
True Science is a 4 step skin care system that when used consistently has been clinically proven to create:

95% more moisture and hydrated skin
94% smoother skin
88% brighter and more luminous skin
87% younger looking skin

Better still True Science offers:
No parabens
No petrol products
No soy
No artificial colorings

And is plant based!

To learn more about the True Science skin care line please contact us directly at

Raw Vitality is the source for Holistic Health & Natural Healing. We teach and offer all the tools you need to restore & maintain your health naturally.

Raw Vitality offers several different holistic health programs and cleanses to help you heal and become your healthiest in a natural, balanced and sustainable way. Raw Vitality provides you with the tools, education, support & motivation you need to get and stay healthy naturally! You will learn natural and sustainable ways of eating including daily juicing for preventative health with lots of fun, and delicious recipes; consistent movement and exercise; healthy stress management practices to reduce the stress impact on your life and health; holistic living strategies to create greater balance in your life and reduce your exposure to harmful toxins and ways of living; and ongoing wellness coaching to support and encourage you in your journey to a more healthy you!

Raw Vitality also offers a wide variety of natural health care products, including pharmaceutical grade natural supplements, natural skin care lines, revolutionary medical breakthroughs in natural healing, books, DVD's, ebooks and many more natural healing and holistic health tools, education and support.

Raw Vitality can help you to successfully reach your health goals and intentions, reverse chronic health conditions, find your naturally balancedweight, create more energy and radiant natural beauty while bringing your total being - body, mind and spirit - into perfect balance.

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