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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

5 Health Tips for Your Healthiest Summer Ever!

Summer is finally here! One of the most fun and exciting seasons of the year. A season filled with outdoor activities, more time with friends and family, sunshine, BBQ's and so much more! Summer is also a great time to turn your attention to your health. Increasing your overall health can help you fell better in those little summer clothes and give you the energy you need to keep up with the kids busy summer schedule or make all those summer soirees!

This summer you CAN become your most healthy with Raw Vitality. Jump start your Summer with our 7-day Quick Summer Detox and Energizer Program beginning online on June 15th! Still a couple of spots left so get registered today at

In the meantime follow these easy Raw Vitality tips to increase your health, energy and vitality during the summer months!

1. Move Your Exercise Outdoors

Summer is a great time to take your exercise outdoors. By moving your exercise outdoors you can increase your overall health and vitality in a couple of key ways. Exercising outdoors increases your exposure to the sun, thereby increases your levels of Vitamin D. Increased Vitamin D levels means a stronger and more healthy immune system, stronger bones and greater hormone balance, especially important for women. Exercising outdoors also gives you the opportunity to increase your oxygen levels and ability to detox by exposing you to more fresh air and encouraging you to take deeper breaths. If your choice of exercise requires you to be inside, schedule a 20-30 minute outdoor walk each day or if you don't have a solid exercise routine in place begin by walking outdoors each day.

2. Plant A Garden

Gardening is a great way to decrease your stress levels while increasing your health. Reducing the impact of stress on your health is imperative to healing and prevention. Stress reduction techniques like meditation and yoga are taught in our Raw Vitality program but during the summer months you can also incorporate planting a garden! This almost guarantees you will increase the amount of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet and what a great way to begin a daily juicing routine, also a key holistic health strategy of Raw Vitality! Gardening can be a great way to increase your activity levels as well and help you engage in more deeper breathing which we know more quickly detoxes your body and reduces stress!

3. Get More Sun

While the trend and advice over the past years has been to "shun the sun" by encouraging the slathering of layers of sunscreen, wearing clothes and hats that cover all visible skin or staying out of the sun completely this advice has left many Vitamin D deficient, immune deficient and not feeling very vibrant or healthy! The sun is imperative to our health, not only for all the reasons we discussed above but because it brings us greater energy and vitality. The rule of thumb is to not let your skin burn, but anything up to that is great for your overall health and wellbeing. Learn your skin type and allow yourself to get enough of this vital nutrient each and every day, especially during the summer months!

4. Drink Fresh Juice

Fresh daily juicing is one of the key healing and preventative health strategies we teach in all our Raw Vitality programs. Why is fresh juicing so important? Juicing is different then blending or drinking smoothies because it removes the fiber from the plant. Yes you want and need fiber, and should be getting lots of it from a fresh, whole diet, but juicing allows your body to absorb a large amount of fresh nutrients and enzymes without having to digest meaning more of the nutrients are available for your body to use. Juicing also helps to flush toxins and restore balance at the cellular level. Summer is a great time to begin fresh daily juicing because you will have access to so much fresh produce at reduced costs! You can juice each day very simply and inexpensively by following the Raw Vitality 5 ingredient rule. Learn more about how to juice easily and inexpensively by watching our short video.


5. Give Your Products a Face Lift 

Do you know where the most toxic place on earth is?  You may be shocked to discover the most toxic place on Earth is right inside your home. That's right, the inside of your home is the most toxic place on Earth and the reason for that is simple, because of all the toxic products we use inside our home, especially our body and personal care products. Commercial personal care products are loaded with toxic chemicals that have been linked to a variety of health problems but most especially weight gain and lowered energy levels. So if you are really wanting to increase your energy and shed some extra pounds this summer cleaning up your products is a MUST! Choose products that are organic and green. Raw Vitality will be offering Beauty Counter products in coming weeks which are toxin free. Check back for details on this amazing product line. In the mean time, as you run out of products make the switch to something that will help you be healthier long term!

This summer you CAN become your most healthy with Raw Vitality. Jump start your Summer with our 7-day Quick Summer Detox and Energizer Program beginning online on June 15th! Still a couple of spots left so get registered today at

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