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Monday, November 24, 2014

5 Ways to Stay Healthy & Balanced During Thanksgiving

What a wonderful time of year! A time to slow down, count our blessings, give thanks for all we have been given and appreciate who and what we have. Sharing a meal and expressing love go hand in hand. Any meal brings us closer together and none more then Thanksgiving dinner. We joke about how many extra pounds we gain over the holidays and we worry about getting colds and flus. We can enjoy such a festive season and delicious meal while staying healthy and balanced, which is the best way to keep our weight  naturally balanced and our immune systems strong. Here are....

5 Ways to Stay Healthy & Balanced During Thanksgiving

1. Head Outdoors for Some Exercise - There is no better way to give your digestive system a boost, rev up your vitality and keep your immune system strong then heading outdoors for some light exercise while getting fresh air and sunlight. Walking outdoors before or, even and, after the big meal is a great way to get the blood flowing and increase your digestive ability which getting some much needed Vitamin D. Get the whole family involved to keep that connection going and ensure everyone's health is a priority. 

2. Make Turkey or Other Animal Products a Side Dish While Increasing Fruits and Veggies
Free range, organic turkey can be part of a healthy Thanksgiving dinner but not if you over due it and eat too much. Load up on healthy vegetable and fruit dishes while keeping the richer more heavy foods like turkey as one of the side dishes. The increase in vegetables will help better digest turkey and increase your nutrient intake. 

3. Everything in Balance - No doubt grandma's pumpkin pie and fresh made whipped cream are ridiculously delicious but we also know it may not always be the most healthy. However, the most healthy diets are the most moderate and balanced. If you are dying for some pumpkin pie don't deprive yourself, don't over due it and make sure you are adding in lots of healthy foods. Balance creates the greatest happiness, and the happiest people are the healthiest. Enjoy everything Thanksgiving has to offer, in perfect balance. 

4. Practice Healthy Stress Management - While the holidays are some of the greatest times of the year, they can also be very stressful. To keep everything wonderful and happy about the holidays in the forefront of your mind, take the time to use healthy stress management practices like meditation. When you take the time to let go of your stresses and let everything go, you are better able to be in each moment and enjoy the greatest satisfaction. 

5. Remember What is Most Important - Traveling, shopping and gifts are all part of the magic of the holidays but often it is easy to get lost in these physical things and forget what is most important, the people we love and the moments we get to share with them. When we loose connection to what is most important our vitality is sapped, energy drained and happiness clouded. Meditating can help in this area but so can slowing down and staying connected to the people around you and each moment you are blessed to spend with them. 

Have a wonderful, relaxing, revitalizing holiday and see you in January for our Annual Raw Vitality New Year's Group Cleanse. Turn your New Year’s Resolutions into lasting health with Raw Vitality this January! Watch for details after Thanksgiving!

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