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Monday, August 18, 2014

Raw Vitality 20 Tips for Optimum Natural Health

Looking for a go-to list to keep handy and reference frequently to keep your health naturally on track and moving forward?! Here is the Raw Vitality 20 tips for Optimum Natural Health!

1. Rise and sleep with natural sunlight hours - Get up when the sun comes up, start winding down and getting ready to sleep as the sun goes down. It's as easy as that! ☼

2. Don't eat late at night or until fully away, 1-2 hours after rising.

3. Make lunch your biggest meal, right in the middle of your day.

4. Eat when you are hungry. Learn to listen to your body. It knows what's best for you!

5. Eat a mainly plant based, organic diet

6. Eat foods as closest to their natural state as possible.

7. Avoid all synthetic chemicals in foods and products.

8. Drink plenty of water. Chances are you are not getting enough, so drink more!

9. Minimize your intake of dairy, wheat, refined grains and in-organic soy.

10. Move and exercise in a balanced way each and every day. 20 minutes of outdoor walking each day is a great place to start!

11. Get out in the sunlight each and every day without sunscreen.

12. Eat a varied diet. Keep it fresh and mix it up.

13. Avoid medical drugs unless absolutely necessary. Seek natural remedies to heal your body once and for all.

14. Avoid wrapping your foods in soft plastics.

15. Don't rely on pain killers or antibiotics, find the underlying root cause and treat it naturally.

16. Reduce animal protein in your diet, choose lean, free range organic meats and limit to 3 servings/week.

17. Eat organic, eat organic, eat organic!

18. Banish fast and fried foods once and for all.

19. Engage in 5 minutes of deep breathing each day.

20. Find healthy outlets for your stress like through a daily meditative practice and yoga.

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Raw Vitality is a holistic health system and cleanse that provides you with all the tools, education and support you need to prevent and reverse chronic health conditions naturally while achieving the highest levels of health and vitality!

Raw Vitality teaches 

  • Natural eating principals
  • Healthy stress management practices
  • Balanced, consistent, exercise
  • Green living strategies 
  • Medicinal herbs
We teach and offer everything you need to restore and maintain your health in a natural and balanced way through ongoing group cleanses, holistic health workshops, teaching programs for industry professionals, cooking classes, individual cleanses, natural and organic products, education and support.

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