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Monday, December 2, 2013

Reset & Revitalize After the Holidays - Reset Digestion

It's no secret that comfort foods, sweets and over indulging often go hand in hand with the holidays. While it may feel great while doing, days later you are left feeling bloated, heavier, sluggish and not very energized. Most of this comes from an over worked and over burdened digestion. Digestion utilizes more then 80% of our energy. It has a healthy daily cycle and when it is functioning optimally it was what energizes us and keeps us feeling our best. When we over eat, eat at strange times or eat constantly our digestion gets all out of whack and the first and most pronounced areas to suffer is our energy levels. When digestion is not functionally optimally we also do not process the food we eat well which leaves food to stagnate and be stored, leaving us feeling and looking bloated and sluggish. 

Digestion has its own energy and daily rhythms which rise and fall, making you slightly hungry in the morning, very hungry midday and moderately hungry at the end of your day. In between these times, digestion shuts down your appetite so it can digest what has been eaten. When the digestive process is complete, your appetite renews. If this process is interrupted or thrown off, like often happens during the holidays, your body becomes confused and appetite and digestion start to overlap which decreases your digestive power and your body’s overall vitality.  

You can easily get your digestion back on track to revitalize and energize yourself by following this simple 3 day Digestion Reset Process. 

Day 1

  • Eat a normal breakfast and lunch
  • Breakfast should be eaten 1-2 hours after rising
  • Lunch should be your biggest meal of the day
  • Do not have an afternoon snack or any alcohol after noon
  • Eat a light nourishing dinner, satisfying but not heavy, at least 2 hours before you go to bed
  • Follow dinner with two glasses of tepid water

Day 2

Before digestion can be reset it must be lowered which is done by not eating meals and only drinking liquids. 

  • Take a short walk in the morning or afternoon
  • Juice in the morning, afternoon and evening
  • 3-4 more glasses can be drank throughout the day between meals, as you feel hungry or as desired
  • Drink water freely, especially water with fresh lemon
  • Spend the day relaxing, performing light activities and taking it easy

Day 3

Now you want to restart your digestion and allow it to return to its normal cycles.

  • Eat a light breakfast 1-2 hours after rising
  • Do not eat again until midday. Midday have a good lunch, satisfying but not heavy
  • Do not eat again until dinner. Eat dinner 2-3 hours before bed. Dinner should be smaller than lunch.

Looking Forward

Now that your digestion is reset your hunger cycle will make you naturally want:
  • A light breakfast eaten 1-2 hours after rising
  • Substantial lunch, eaten at about the same time every day, midday
  • A light dinner, eaten early and at the same time every day.

Digestion can be thrown off by the following:
  • Eating between meals other than light snacks
  • Strong stimulants
  • Skipping meals
  • Eating too large of meals
  • Eating right when you wake up or right before you go to bed

You can engage in this 3 day process any time you feel your digestion has been suffering or thrown off its natural cycle. This is a good practice to engage in if you find yourself suffering from any type of digestive disturbance such as heart burn, indigestion, constipation or a myriad of other digestive complaints. Engaging in this practice after the holidays ensures your digestion is optimized at all times.

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